Bonjour de Paris!

I made it to Paris! After 2 and a half hours of delays, 9 and a half hours of flying, and a 7 hour time difference I am officially living in Paris! I left Austin at around 2:30 PM on January 1st and arrived at the Charles de Gaulle airport at around 11:30 AM the next day. The flight was actually quite nice because my parents spoil me and upgraded me to business class at the last minute  (thanks mom and dad). When I landed it was snowing, which was beautiful and ironic because I’m pretty sure it was 75 degrees when I left Austin.

We are living in the business district of Paris, La Défense, and are attending IÉSEG School of Management, which is actually inside/under the Grande Arche (I’ll include a picture). I am here with 22 other Clemson students, all studying Business!

It is a cold 15-minute walk to school every day, so I think I might be able to walk off all the bread, cheese, and wine calories. Speaking of food, it has only been a few days and I have already stuffed myself with baguettes from little markets, macarons, and crêpes.

I am already super busy this week with a business law class for three hours a day and orientation for the school. The class is keeping me pretty busy but I have found some time to already start exploring the city! IÉSEG has a great International Club with French students that have planned fun activities for us all week! On Tuesday, they took everyone out to a bar and we got to meet and talk with a bunch of the other international students! It has been really cool meeting so many people from all around the world, from Australia to Russia. Tonight (Thursday) the school rented out a room in a restaurant and around 90 international students all went and ate Flammekueche, a thin crust pizza-type thing. We all talked and laughed and even got to yell the Clemson Cadence Count a few times. The International Club has done such a great job including us in activities and helping us meet so many other students!

It is day four and I have already done the most touristy thing possible: seen the Eiffel Tower. Everyone from Clemson went as a group and I thought it was even cooler and prettier in person. The lights would twinkle every hour and it was one of the most breathtaking things I have ever seen. We stood and watched in awe as we ate crêpes from a little stand. There is no better way to end a day!

Hopefully, I will find time to update everyone weekly about all the amazing things I am getting to do in Paris! I have had a great first few days and cannot wait to see what the next five months have in store for me. I have wifi at school and in my apartment, so feel free to text (iMessage) me and I’ll reply whenever I have wifi! I’m already having a great time but please continue to keep me in your prayers!

Avec amour,


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