From the Streets of Montmartre

My first weekend in Paris was a success! After an exhausting week full of class, orientation, and exploring my new home, I spent a lot of my weekend catching up on sleep and relaxing for the first time since I’ve been here, but we also got the opportunity to do some really cool things!

After my law class got out on Friday, we all rushed back to our apartment complex and immediately got ready to go out! Our French friends in the International Club took us out and showed us the night life of Paris! My roommate/best friend Ally and I shared a really good ham and cheese crêpe that almost brought me to tears. So good.

On Saturday, Clemson arranged for everyone to go on a guided walking tour of Montmartre, a historic district of Paris. It was so cute! It looked exactly like what you imagine the quaint little streets and shops of  Paris to look like, complete with cobblestone streets and vines growing on all the buildings (that was my favorite part). We saw the Moulin Rouge and climbed up a billion stairs to the Sacré-Cœur Basilica, the most beautiful Roman Catholic church. As if the church itself wasn’t pretty enough, it sits on top of this huge hill and gives you the most amazing view of Paris. I felt like I was living a dream.

After our tour, we stopped at a restaurant called Le Crémaillère 1900 for lunch. Clemson paid (yeah, I go to the best school ever) so we had a set menu that our tour guide picked out for us. We first warmed up with french onion soup, then had duck and finished with some type of chocolate and pear dessert. I had never eaten duck before, but I loved it and the whole meal was amazing!

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Avec amour,

P.S. You know what I will be doing this Tuesday from 2AM to 5AM. Yes, you read that right. Time changes suck. GO TIGERS!


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