Brussels, Belgium

Have you ever wanted to spend an entire weekend eating the best food of your entire life? Well, I know just the place to do it! My friends and I traveled to Brussels, Belgium for a weekend back in January and now my stomach will never be the same. Saturday morning we boarded our € 15 bus ride and three and a half hours later the seven of us dropped our stuff off in our unusually large apartment and the weekend began!

We spent a majority of our trip wandering around the little streets of Brussels, exploring all that the city has to offer. We saw lots of art and beautiful architecture! There is a comic strip walk where artists have painted huge murals of comic strips on the side of buildings, so we spent some time searching the city for those! Our apartment was a five-minute walk from the Grand Place, a huge city square surrounded by amazing buildings, so we always seemed to end up back there to hang out. We also saw the famous Manneken Pis, aka the peeing boy statue. It is super random and really small (think Mona Lisa small) but it is so funny that it definitely makes it a must-see.

Saturday was Chinese New Year and Brussels went all out! We accidently walked into a really cool parade complete with a dragon and 50 little kids dressed in panda onesies! It was really cool to see all the intricate costumes and dances. There was also some type of martial arts demonstration in the Grand Place that we watched for a while. Music was playing everywhere and the streets were full of people celebrating, so it really made the weekend even more fun.

Sunday, we took a taxi over to the Atomium, a huge metal structure that looks like a giant atom! It was built for the 1958 Brussels World’s Fair. We went inside of it and got to go to the top and see a great view of the city.

The sightseeing was great, but the food was the best part of the trip. I started off with some amazing meatballs and fries from a cafe (who knew those even went together) and it just went up from there. I ate the best waffles in the entire world (sorry dad) at Maison Dandoy, followed by a close second from a street waffle vendor. We got street fries from Georgette’s and huddled around a table outside stuffing our faces as fast as possible. Finally, we ate dinner not once but twice at a restaurant called Peck 47. That’s right, it was so good that we went back just two days after eating there the first time. Mackenzie said that she had the best burger of her entire life (take that America) and I ate the most amazing savory waffle covered in cheese and topped with two poached eggs. Yes, it was so good that I actually ate the eggs. Who am I?

And of course, no trip to Belgium would be complete without chocolate and beer. It seemed like every store we passed sold chocolate! We even went into a chocolate museum and watched a chocolatier make chocolates. I bought a box of assorted Belgian chocolates from Elisabeth Chocolatier. So good. Finally, we went to the famous Delirium Bar! Supposedly they have over 3,000 beers to choose from, and I wouldn’t doubt it after going there because that place was HUGE! It was incredibly crowded but somehow my friends and I got a table and we had a great time just drinking beer and hanging out. It was such a fun experience!

Overall, the weekend was tons of fun and I truly feel like I ate my way through Brussels. I learned that you really don’t need to eat anything other than fries, waffles, chocolate and beer.


Waffles on waffles on waffles



The Grand Place



Peeing Boy


I love coffee shops


There is so much street art in Brussels!


The Atomium